Born and raised in Japan,

wagyu comes from four species of cattle- Japanese black, Japanese brown cattle, Japanese shorthorn and Japanese polled.
Kobe beef and Matsuzaka beef are famous worldwide.
In Hokkaido Tokachi wagyu, Shiraoi beef, Furano wagyu, Hakodate wagyu and Biratori wagyu are famous. Hokkaido wagyu is raised stress-free on open land. It is a tenderly juicy and flavour rich.

Quality is ranked in this manner A5→A4→A3. A5 or A4 grade famous brand meat is considered high quality.
Cuts of meat such as tenderloin, bottom sirloin and plate are selected to suit dishes. Please take a look at the picture.
1 ) Tongue 2 ) Neck 3 ) huck 4 ) Shoulder 5 ) Brisket 6 ) Shank 7 ) Ribs 8 ) Sirloin
9 ) Tenderloin 10)Flank 11)Topside 12)Knuckle 13)Silverside 14)Rump 15)Tail

Please enjoy Hokkaido wagyu in the restaurants below that have a point and choose menu.

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Kalbi (short ribs) of the best grade at a reasonable

 Chef:Isao Kitazaki

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All-you-can-eat of Wagyu (Japanese beef).

 Chef:Shin Taneya
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