If you come to Hokkaido, the best food to eat is crab.

Reserve a table to enjoy delicious crab by the day before.

How to select delicious crab.

Horsehair Crab: Its crab butter is sweet and very delicious. The most tasty size is 400 - 600g.It’s recommended to boil live ones, not frozen ones.
This is the best way to eat hair crab, just taking the crab out from a fish preserve tank and boiling them while still alive.
Red King Crab: It is called the king of crab. The big ones are about 5 Kg. Both boiled and grilled ones are very tasty.
The crab has a lot of meat, if you put the meat in your mouth its sweetness spreads throughout your entire mouth.
Snow Crab: It is called the queen of crab. Boil 1.5 - 2kg of living tanner crabs, then cool them to fully draw out the sweetness and taste from the meat. Among crab lovers, tanner crab are said to be the most delicious crab.


Food from Hakodate is popular.

 Chef:Shohei Sakata
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Horsehair Crab
Live squid Sashimi, etc.
*Horsehair Crab must be booked.
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The long-established store of a crab dish.

 Chef:Satoru Konishi
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Red King Crab
Horsehair Crab, etc.

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 ※It is the information in August, 2014.